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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a tattoo?

I book most months on the 13th of the month prior. When my books are open the booking link on my website is active. All updates as to when and for what locations I’m booking will be posted on my Instagram (@snakeoclock) and for the most comprehensive information, my newsletter. You are welcome to ask me booking related questions through DM however I cannot book, give design feedback or offer quotes through DM. 
*If you’re planning to travel from out of state to get tattooed, feel free to DM or email me even when my books are closed so that I can do my best to accommodate your travel plans.

Favorite things to tattoo vs. least favorites?

What I love or am interested in tattooing: Large scale single or double species floral/botanical, snakes and other reptiles, birds of all kinds, vases and art nouveau objects, ornamental patterns especially those derived from Victorian woodworking and wallpaper and anything related to the elements such as fire, water, rain and cloud patterns. I’m especially interested in creative placements that work with the body.


What I’m not interested in tattooing: quotes/script/text, most landscapes, trees, mountains, space-themed pieces, mandalas, bouquets/floral pieces with more than 2 types of flowers, color tattoos, copies of other tattooers’ work, tiny tattoos, and minimalist tattoos

How does pricing work?

My minimum is $300. In most cases work is priced hourly and my hourly rate is $250 an hour. Any sessions over 4 hours are priced as a flat day rate of $1200.  I offer a discounted day rate of $1000 for large scale work such as back pieces when the client can commit to monthly sessions.

Are appointments first-come-first-served?

No. Since I get lots of requests, I book based on what I’m most interested in tattooing. Take a peek at my work to get an idea of what I enjoy tattooing. In most cases I only respond to inquiries that I am able to schedule. I generally respond within 7 days. If you don’t hear back, it means I cannot accommodate your idea this booking period. Remember to check your spam folder!

If I don't hear back after inquiring, can I send the same idea again in the future?

Yes! I take a fairly small fraction of requests each booking period. If you aren’t chosen it may be because of a wide range of factors (ex. availability, too many requests for the same thing). If you request the same thing 3 times and don’t get an appointment, I recommend requesting a different idea.

What happens when I get offered an appointment?

I will email you with my thoughts and questions regarding you idea as well as a possible time slot for the appointment. If the time offered doesn’t work, we can try to find a different slot that does, however the sooner you reply the better as appointments fill quickly once books are opened. You will need to pay a $100 deposit to secure your appointment within 48 hours of confirming that the time and day work for you. Otherwise, the time slot will be offered to the next person. You are not scheduled until I receive a deposit.

How does the deposit work?

The $100 deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. It holds your time slot and gets deducted from the final cost of the tattoo. You may be asked for a larger deposit for larger tattoos or for guest spots.  If you need to reschedule within 48 hours of your appointment, you will also have to put down another deposit to do so. Lastly, If you no-call, no-show, you will not be able to re-book. Deposits expire after 1 year and you may reschedule up to 2 times.

Can I see the design before my appointment?

I don’t show designs until your appointment time. Changes may be made then and time is alloted to do so for every appointment. If you want a full re-draw, we may have to reschedule. Please be succinct and specific with what you want in your inquiry as well as include visual references so I can be clear on what you are imagining which will mean a greater chance you feel in line with the design I create. If you change your tattoo concept completely after paying a deposit, your appointment may be canceled if the new concept is not something I’m interested in tattooing.

How do predrawn tattoos work?

Check my Instagram highlights for pre-drawn designs that you can get tattooed (if there isn’t any, there are no predrawn designs currently up for grabs). Predrawn designs are only tattooed once unless noted and removed from my highlights once the design is tattooed. Predrawn prices depend on size and placement, but are generally priced the same as detailed above.


Predrawn designs always take priority for appointments over custom work.

What if I want a touch-up?

Touch-ups are always free in the first year after your tattoo. After that, I charge a $50 setup fee so please try to schedule a touch-up within a year of your tattoo if needed. Feel free to email me at any time to schedule one, you do not need to wait for my books to open or fill out an inquiry form to request a touch up.

What should I bring to my appointment?

Please bring a water bottle or hydrating beverage and a small sugary snack. Dress comfortably and wear or bring clothes that will allow access to the area being tattooed. If you aren’t sure what works best, just ask! For placements on the hips or torso I recommend bringing a robe or other front opening cover up. Other things that can be handy are head phones and phone charger. Lastly, your photo ID and cash to pay for your new tattoo. If you would like to bring someone with you to your appointment please ask me ahead of time as shop policies vary.

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